Q. I cannot insert an image by dragging it onto an Excel cell.

Move the mouse slightly on Excel while dragging, then drop. Once the “+” mark appears, you can insert the image.

Q. I have checked the “Input date and time of shooting” checkbox in the settings, but it is not reflected in Excel.

CellPita may not be able to obtain the shooting date and time of the image file due to reasons such as the lack of Exif information in the image file. If CellPita cannot obtain the date and time of the image file, the date and time of the image cannot be input into Excel even if the “Input date and time of shooting” checkbox is checked.

Q. The format of the date and time of shooting is set in the settings as “yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm”, but the cell is actually written as “May 15, 2017”.

The date formatting takes precedence over the CellPita settings in the Excel cell. Please set the cell format to the correct format on the Excel side.

Q. The “Pictures” folder in the Library cannot be selected.

You cannot directly select a folder in the Library. You can create a folder in “Pictures” and select that folder.

Q. The error message “Unable to detect the Excel workbook. Please reopen the target book and execute again.” is displayed.

The cause may be that you have multiple Excel programs running and are trying to drag-drop into a different book than the target book. Please close all but the target book before executing.
Or, you may have launched applications with different privileges in CellPita and Excel. In that case, please run both CellPita and Excel as a non-administrator, or run both as an administrator so that they run with the same privileges. To specify the user to run CellPita, right-click the CellPita icon in All Programs, go to Compatibility > Settings > Run this program as administrator and uncheck or check the checkbox. Click on the “Run as administrator” button.

About Licenses

Q. I checked the system and purchased a license to use it, but one day it suddenly stopped working. Can I get a refund for the license?

As stated in the disclaimer, no refunds will be made under any circumstances after the license has been purchased. If your PC environment has changed (e.g., Windows Update), the software may suddenly stop working.

Q. After purchasing a license, a new version of CellPita was released. Do I need to repurchase a license to use the new version?

No, you do not need to repurchase. You can use the new version with the license you already have. Please download the new version from the download page and install it.

Q. Can multiple users use the same license?

No, licenses are per user. Licenses are required for the number of users.

Q. I have purchased a license. I want to use it on my own multiple PCs.

Yes, you may install the software on more than one PC. The software can be installed on multiple PCs as long as they are used by the person who purchased the license on his/her own PC.